The birth of christ began with mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem to be taxed the baby Jesus was born in a stable wrapped in swaddling cloth and laid in a manger because ther was no room for them in the inn. An angel appeared to the shepherds and said,"Fear not for I bring you good tidings of great joy. For unto you is born a savior which is Christ the Lord." the wise men came from the east with gifts of gold frankensense and Myhrr.the angels sang peace on earth goodwill towards men. A star came and stayed over where the child was and all followed the stare to witness the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary is an altered drawing of a kneeling belldandy. The ministering angel is also a painted drawing of a winged Belldandy. The angel of annunciation is a repainted Urd. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did painting it with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.